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Buffalo Trace Bourbon

The Famous Grouse

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Buffalo Trace Bourbon is the flagship whiskey from The Buffalo Trace Distillery, America’s most awarded distillery
Only whiskey aged between 8 – 12 Years ever makes the grade for selection. This is twice the age of most Bourbons
The spirit is crafted using the original “Rye recipe” for Bourbon – corn, rye and barley
Every barrel is tasted for approval by our expert panel including our Master Distiller and Quality Control Director
Each batch is a marriage of 30 – 40 barrels to ensure consistency without compromising quality
Every bottle is hand-corked for final approval

Tasting Note

Nose : Outstanding aroma, kicked off by a spicy prickle. Satisfyingly deep, gentle vanilla-ed and molassed with even a sprig of sweet mint.
Palate: A rip-roaring waxy sweetness checked by a big build up of vanilla-rich oak. Corn is chewy and rye offers a rich textured background.
Finish : Dries at last as the oak takes command, but rye offers extra depth and a layer of bitterness as does a lingering licorice.


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