Dr. Adam Brazilian Bitters

A unique formulation created by Adam Elan-Elmegirab in 2017, these Brazilian Bitters are focused on six key botanicals all of which originated from Brazil; tonka beans, cacao nibs, dried coconut, Arabica coffee, vanilla and black pepper, with additional botanicals selected for their complimentary flavours and their wide usage in Brazilian food and drinks, helping create aromatics and flavour unlike any other.


Nose: Complex vanilla, almond, cherry, smoke and cracked peppercorns.

Taste: Warm baking spice, clove, and tonka with hints of sweet coconut, spicy mace and flamed cinnamon.

Finish: Long, spiced and bittersweet with toasted almond throughout.



​Aged rum, bourbon, genever, rye whiskey, fortified wines, amari, sweet sherry, oat milks, tropical fruits, cream, caramel, pineapple, cinnamon, chicory, ginger, banana, dandelion, stoned fruits, plum…


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